Stihl TS 420 CutQuik Cut-Off Machine
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Stihl TS 420 CutQuik Cut-Off Machine

Powerfull 14" Cut-Off Machine

Introducing the TS 420 STIHL Cutquik – the benchmark of excellence in cut-off machines.

Renowned for its compact design, lightweight construction, and unwavering reliability, the TS 420 sets the standard for performance. Whether it’s day in, day out, or all day long, users trust the TS 420 to deliver consistent results.

Equipped with the advanced X2 air filtration system, this machine ensures a clean and smooth-running engine, supported by virtually maintenance-free filters. With a 14” cutting wheel, it effortlessly handles cuts up to 4.9 inches in depth, offering unmatched cutting capacity.

But the TS 420 isn’t just about power—it’s loaded with usability features that enhance your cutting experience. From ergonomic design to intuitive controls, every aspect is engineered for maximum convenience.

Get ready to tackle any cutting task with confidence, backed by the unmatched performance of the TS 420 STIHL Cutquik. Note: Abrasive wheel included. Diamond wheel sold separately.