AR Chambers is your one stop for the best products and most notable manufacturers for your most pressing Concrete Restoration, Concrete Construction, Decorative Concrete and Contracting needs!

Concrete Construction and Renovation

AR Chambers supplies critical components to Western Pennsylvania’s most prominent construction companies and many smaller contractors. These regional companies and contractors are building parking decks, buildings, performing renovations and creating stunning designs with decorative concrete. Homeowners and smaller contractors alike value AR Chambers’ service and expertise.

  • Roads and Highway Construction
  • Parking Garage Construction and Rehabilitation
  • Roadway and Bridge Rehabilitation
  • Pavement Improvement and Rehabilitation
  • Commercial Development Site Work
  • Bridges, Tunnels, and Structure
  • Excavation, Earthwork, Retention and Drainage
  • Pavement Improvement and Rehabilitation
  • Decorative Concrete including Color
  • Concrete Stamp Rentals

Heavy Construction and Highway Construction

Construction and Renovation Contracting

AR Chambers also focuses on the local general construction contractor. These contractors are actively completing jobs in concrete construction, driveway rehabilitation, residential and commercial decorative concrete.