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Prosoco Product Demonstration

February 9, 2023



Discover the power of Prosoco’s innovative building solutions at our live product demonstration event. This is your chance to see our products in action and learn how they can protect your building from weather damage and improve energy efficiency.

Our expert team showcased the latest Prosoco technologies, including our flagship product, R-Guard Weather Barrier. This innovative building wrap provides superior air and moisture protection, helping to ensure that your building stays dry, comfortable, and energy-efficient.

Our expert team demonstrated how to detail R-Guard through rough openings, pipe penetrations, through-wall flashing, and transitions to below-grade waterproofing, and expansion joints.

Participants also had the opportunity to learn more about our other building solutions, including R-Guard Cat 5, a high-performance air and moisture barrier that’s ideal for use in challenging weather conditions, and R-Guard FastFlash, a versatile flashing and seam tape that provides a waterproof seal around openings and penetrations.

If you missed this event, stay tuned for our next Prosoco Products Demonstration event and discover how our products can help you build better. You’ll leave with a better understanding of our products, the benefits they bring, and how you can use them to protect your building and enhance its performance.

  • Marie Fallon: A.R. Chambers
  • In addition to 16 years as the Manager of AR Chambers Supply, Marie is an experienced General Manager in the construction industry. Marie graduated from Point Park with a Bachelor in Business Administration.
  • Jeff Kunkel: MAK Construction
  • Jeff spent 3 years working as a laborer for a general contractor to help him pay for his education at Penn State.  Jeff has over 10 years experience working with a Fortune 500 retailer and is President of the local chapter of the International Concrete Repair Institute.  He is also heavily involved with the local chapters of the American Concrete Institute, Construction Specification Institute, the Green Building Alliance and the Western PA Passive House Association.
  • Michael G. Payne: BECS 
  • Michael graduated with a Master’s degree focused on advanced structural systems, building failures and forensic techniques, and building enclosures. As a professional engineer, he has developed extensive experience in the repair and restoration engineering field with hundreds of projects executed in Virginia, Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and other locales.
  • Michael has provided assessment, design, contract administration, and client consultation for projects that have focused on building and site assets such as roofs, building envelopes, facades and curtain walls, balconies and plazas, structural systems, parking structures, site-civil and pavements, retaining structures, and others.