Stihl AP 300 All-Weather Battery with Compatible Chargers
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Stihl AP 300 Battery

Lithium-Ion, Weather Resistant Battery

Introducing the Stihl AP 300 – Unleash Unrivaled Power and Versatility

Elevate your outdoor work experience with the redesigned Stihl AP 300 battery, meticulously crafted for professionals who demand water resistance, long-lasting power, and an exceptional power-to-weight ratio. This high-performance battery is your answer to seamless operation in any weather condition.

Key Features:

1. Water-Resistant Wonder: Tackle outdoor tasks with confidence, rain or shine. The AP 300 boasts a redesigned casing that provides water resistance, ensuring optimal performance even on wet or rainy days. Say goodbye to weather-related setbacks and power through your projects with ease.

2. Versatile Powerhouse: The AP 300 is more than just a battery; it’s a versatile powerhouse that connects seamlessly to a variety of Stihl tools. From extended-reach hedge trimmers to pole pruners, chainsaws, and blowers, this battery empowers you to accomplish a multitude of tasks with a single, reliable source of power.

3. Feather-Light Efficiency: Weighing in at just 3.8 pounds, the AP 300 is designed with your comfort in mind. Experience the convenience of a powerful battery without the unnecessary weight, allowing you to maneuver and handle your tools effortlessly throughout your workday.

4. Consistent Full-Speed Performance: Enjoy consistent, full-speed performance from start to finish. The AP 300 delivers unwavering power until the battery is depleted, eliminating any gradual drop in performance. Stay productive and maintain peak efficiency throughout your projects.

5. Remarkable Longevity: The AP 300 is built to last, retaining up to 80 percent of its power even after an impressive 1,200 charging cycles. Experience the reliability of a battery that stands the test of time, providing sustained power for the long haul.

6. Compact Design, Massive Power: Despite its compact design, the AP 300 packs a punch when it comes to powering a wide range of Stihl products. From intricate tasks to heavy-duty applications, this battery is engineered to deliver uncompromising performance in a compact and convenient form.

Upgrade your outdoor tool arsenal with the Stihl AP 300 battery. Unleash the power of water resistance, long-lasting performance, and a versatile design, all in one compact package. Dominate every project with confidence, knowing you have the trusted support of Stihl innovation by your side.