AL 101 Battery Charger and compatible batteries
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AL 101 Battery Charger

Rapid Charging AL 101 Battery Charger

Introducing the Stihl AL 101 Battery Charger – Power Up with Precision and Efficiency

Experience the epitome of charging convenience with the Stihl AL 101, a dedicated charger designed for the STIHL AK System. Unleash the power of fast recharge times and an array of additional features that make charging your tools a breeze.

1. Rapid Recharge: For the AK 10 battery, achieve an impressive 80% charge in under an hour. The AL 101 ensures your tools spend less time charging and more time in action, allowing you to stay productive without unnecessary downtime.

2. Efficient Energy Management: Worried about energy costs? Fear not. The AL 101 charger automatically shuts off after the battery reaches full charge, keeping your energy expenses in check. Enjoy the benefits of a smart charger that not only delivers speed but also efficiency.

3. Cool and Collected Batteries: Say goodbye to overheating concerns. The AL 101 charger is engineered to keep your STIHL batteries cool during the charging process, preserving their longevity and ensuring optimal performance over time.

4. Intelligent Charging Status Indicator: Stay informed at a glance. The AL 101 features an onboard indicator light that provides real-time updates on the current charging status. Know when your battery is ready for action with a quick glance at the charger.

5. Space-Saving Wall Mount Option: Optimize your workspace. The AL 101 can be conveniently wall-mounted, saving valuable countertop space. Keep your charging station organized and efficient, making room for what matters most – getting the job done.

Upgrade your charging experience with the Stihl AL 101 Battery Charger, where speed, efficiency, and intelligent design come together. Power up your STIHL AK System tools with confidence, knowing that precision charging is just a plug away. Unleash the full potential of your tools with a charger that’s as reliable as your Stihl equipment.