Stego Wrap
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Durable, Permanent, Vapor Mitigation

The Stego Wrap Class A Vapor Retarder is a technologically advanced material that provides moisture protection in a broad range of environments and may also be used in systems for the control of gases (radon and methane migration). The Stego Wrap Class A 10-Mil Vapor Retarder is an economical vapor protection option for projects not requiring 0.01 or less permeance, while still exceeding performance requirements of ASTM E1745 Class A.

The Stego Wrap Class A 10-Mil Vapor Retarder is a below-grade vapor retarder that is manufactured with a proprietary blend of prime virgin polyolefin resins and additives to provide outstanding efficacy.

Its many features include:

  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Helps shield from soil gases such as methane and radon
  • Aids in protection against flooring failures
  • Provides superb below-concrete vapor protection
  • Less vulnerable to deterioration when compared to generic, recycled 6-mil poly
  • Exceeds ASTM E1745 Class A, B & C
  • Made in the USA