Stihl SHA 56 Shredder Blower with Features Highlighted
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Stihl SHA 56 Shredder Blower

2-in-1 Yard Maintenance Tool

Introducing the Stihl SHA 56 Shredder Blower – the ultimate 2-in-1 solution for maintaining your yard year-round.

As the first of its kind in the STIHL lineup, this battery-powered shredder vac/blower offers unparalleled versatility. Say goodbye to leaves and debris with ease, all while enjoying the peace and quiet—ideal for noise-sensitive environments.

The SHA 56 is designed for comfort and convenience, featuring a lightweight padded shoulder strap and rotatable handle for effortless operation in both modes. Equipped with two tubes for specific functions, transitioning between blower and shredder vac tasks is seamless and tool-free.

Experience maximum performance with the 10:1 volume reduction feature when operating as a shredder vac, making cleanup a breeze. The asymmetrical design of the catcher bag allows for uninterrupted operation as it fills, while the long, easy-to-grab zipper ensures quick and complete emptying.

Built with robust construction, the SHA 56 is a reliable addition to your battery-powered tool kit, ready to tackle any yard maintenance task with ease and efficiency.