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(Meets the requirements of ASTM C387 and C270 for the respective compressive strength of Type O or Type N mortars.)


  • RePoint is a Portland/Lime based mortar without the additives often found in masonry cement based mortars. RePoint does not contain any polymers; it is a proprietary blend of Portland, lime and sand.
  • RePoint is a single component, only adding water.

Custom color matching available.  11 standard Masonry Restoration colors.    See Matrix for color choices. RePoint eliminates the guessing of on-site color addition.

RePoint is produced as a both Type N and Type O mortar and applied by brick jointer, pointing trowel.


  • Conproco RePoint mortar is used primarily for repointing existing stone, masonry, or terracotta structures.
  • It may be used anywhere a Type O or Type N mortar is required.


1 Bag/Pail (50 lb)          Joint Width        Joint Depth        Lineal Feet  

1 Bag/Pail (50 lb)             1/4 inch                  5/8 inch                442

1 Bag/Pail (50 lb)             3/8 inch                  3/4 inch                245

1 Bag/Pail (50 lb)             1/2 inch                  1 inch                   138

Repoint bag      RePoint in use