Nomaflex cutter
This product is available in West Virgina only!

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This is the newest addition to the Nomaflex joint filler system.  The Nomaflex Cutter is a scoring tool that enables installers to create a void when sealant is required and eliminating the need for a separate void cap system.

The easy-to-use Nomaflex Cutter enables co2018 MIP Award Logoncrete installers to trim Nomaflex expansion joint on the job site to create a 1/2” void for sealant. This tool was the Experts Choice for the 2018 Most Innovative Products Award at the World of Concrete.

Nomaflex expansion joint remains flexible and easily fits around curves and radii and the tear strip stays in place until the installer removes it. The Nomaflex Cutter eliminates material costs and labor of an additional void cap system. Nomaflex expansion joint is an inherent bond-breaker, so no additional bond breaker is required.

The Cutter is available in the same thicknesses as Nomaflex: 1/2”, 3/4” and 1”