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ShoreBest Matte Masonry Enhancers are moderately high solids treatments for darkening or changing the surface appearance of masonry. Typically they are used on cementitious substrates where a color enhancement is desired. When applied sparingly they have been used to bring the color of two slightly different brick surfaces to an acceptable appearance when there has been a change in the color of the brick due to either changes in the manufacturing material or a change in manufacturer between the original construction and a later addition or alteration.

SB 2410 and SB 2412 can also be used to mask acid burns in brick surfaces that have been abused by the use of inappropriately strong masonry cleaning acids. The material will mask the burn for a long period of time but is not to be considered a permanent cure for the problem.

The performances of SB 2412 on substrates are identical and both meet the US EPA guidelines for VOC content. The SB 2412 OTC VOC 400 has been formulated with a special blend of solvents that meet the more strict VOC guidelines as specified by the OTC Model regulations.

SB 2412 contains less than 400 grams/liter VOC as calculated by the method that excludes the volume of exempt solvents.  None of the products should be diluted before application. SB 2412 is not considered “breathable” when applied at a rate heavier than about 400 square feet per gallon.

Application to vertical masonry surfaces is not recommended as spalling from freeze/thaw damage may occur. For vertical applications consider the use of the more breathable, waterborne products SB 2418 High Gloss Masonry Sealer or SB 2750 Water Based acrylic Cure and Seal. As the cured film can be slippery when wet, an anti-slip additive is highly recommended and should be mixed into the enhancer to prevent a slipping hazard.