MasterSeal HLM 5000
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MasterSeal HLM 5000 is waterproofing membrane for exterior applications, both below grade and between-slab. It is moisture curing, one-component, and bitumen-modified polyurethane elastomeric.
MasterSeal HLM 5000R creates a waterproofing membrane to prevent water penetration. It’s elastomeric properties accommodates contraction and expansion. It has chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and salts, as well as resistance to bacterial attack.
Some of the potential uses are concrete, exterior plywood, exterior below grade on concrete, masonry and incidental metal. It can also be used above grade between two-course concrete and in cavity walls. Some specific applications include concrete tanks and parking garages, walls and culverts, fountains, dams, sea walls and reservoirs. MasterSeal HLM 5000 R is used with rollers.