Soft Finish Broom Head
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Brush down new concrete after floating with this soft Nylex® broom (36″ x 48″) to provide a fine finish. Popular for finishing sidewalks and driveways or wherever a finish with some traction is desired. The memory resistant flagged Nylex® bristles hold their shape, while providing a soft finish similar to that of horsehair, but with much longer wear. The 2-1/4″ long-wearing bristles are set solidly in wood. The 36″ solid wood base is smooth for use by hand in small spaces and touch ups. The soft finish allows for easy clean up. The bright green bristles are easy to spot on the jobsite. For extended reach use with the standard broom thread handles, sold separately. Add Kraft Tool’s Broom Bracket Base (CC494) and Flipper Tilt Bracket™ (CC496) to easily maximize your range of motion, sold separately. Use the bracket holes as hang holes to provide easy storage for your broom.

  • Create traction on fresh concrete
  • Soft Nylex® bristles
  • 2-1/4 In. long trim
  • Memory resistant bristle hold shape
  • Flagged bristle for fullness
  • Soft bristles for a finish similar to horsehair
  • Smooth wood base
  • Bright green bristles are easy to spot on jobsite
  • Easy to clean
  • Use with broom thread handle or adapter, sold separately