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SB 2415 Gloss Masonry Enhancers are to be used to create a gloss or glazed appearance on masonry that has either lost the original finish or to apply a finish to replacement masonry that does not match the original material. Examples would be replacement of terra cotta with cast stone that does not have a high gloss like the terra cotta or pol- lished concrete that has lost the gloss appearance due to acid rain deterioration.  SB 2415 may also be used to create special accents or effects on other masonry elements such as masonry belt courses or to make darkened and glossy colored concrete masonry units. It dries to a clear, abrasion resistance film with a “wet look.”  SB 2415 can be blended with the companion materials,  SB 2414 Matte Masonry Enhancers, to reduce the degree of gloss, within certain limitations. Do not use on exterior vertical walls where one side is heated/AC and the other is exposed to weather.

The performances of SB 2415 on substrates are identical and both meet the US EPA guidelines for VOC content. The SB 2415 has been formulated with a special blend of solvents that meet the more strict VOC guidelines as specified by the OTC Model regulations.

SB 2415 contains less than 350 grams/liter VOC as calculated by the method that excludes the volume of exempt solvents. It is a violation of state and/or local law to purchase the federally compliant products and use them in a more restrictive jurisdiction. These products should not be diluted before application. Consult state or local environmental regulatory agency if you are unsure of the restrictions in your area. SB 2415 can be used as a cure and seal.

Before applying to a walking areas, a commercial anti-slip additive or fine sand should be mixed into the sealer.