Form and Pour Concrete Mix
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Concrete Repair

QUIKRETE® Form & Pour Concrete Mix MS is designed to be used as a repair concrete in situations requiring a high quality concrete with a maximum aggregate size of 3/8 in.

An air-entraining admixture is included for superior workability and increased freeze-thaw durability. Microsilica is included for reduced permeability. Form & Pour Concrete Mix MS includes an integral corrosion inhibitor for cases where maximum corrosion protection is desired. Form & Pour Concrete Mix MS includes densifiers, air entraining and shrinkage compensating admixtures.

Use For:

  • General or keyway grouting where a maximum aggregate size of 3/8 in is desirable.
  • Leveling beds with a thickness of 2 in (50 mm) or more.
  • Structural repairs where the quantities involved or placement conditions make ready-mixed concrete impractical.
  • Repairs using the form and pour technique on vertical surfaces such as walls and columns.