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E-Etch is an environmentally friendly industrial strength floor cleaner, degreaser and light etching product by Brickform. It is ideal for cleaning and preparing cementitious surfaces for acid staining, decorative overlays, water-based stains, and coatings applications.

E-Etch may also be used on concrete, stucco, terrazzo and most masonry surfaces to open up the pores on the surface and clean grime, dirt, grease, scuff marks and stains. This product effectively removes excess Antique Release from textured concrete and can also be used as an efflorescence remover.  Rinse with wager.

  • Can be diluted for less aggressive etching and cleaning
  • Non-hazardous, VOC compliant and biodegradable
  • Non-abrasive and non-carcinogenic
One Gallon Bottle, cover 250 square feet, undiluted usage.