Dural FastSet
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Dural FastSet is available as either a gel or a resin. The gel is ideal for situations requiring a quick turnaround. The low viscosity resin is perfect for injecting cracks in concrete and other substrates. Both are two-component, moisture insensitive, 100% solids, binder and rapid-setting epoxy adhesive for numerous applications. The resin, DURAL FAST SET LV can be used in colder temperatures than the DURAL FAST SET GEL.

• Bonding of concrete, masonry, steel, or wood
• Anchoring bolts, dowels, or pins
• Rapidly seal cracks and set ports prior to injection
• Mix with sand to create a repair mortar
• Pick-proof sealant for jails/prisons and kennels
• Exceptional adhesion to construction materials
• Easy to use 1:1 mix ratio
• Moisture insensitive
• Rapid strength gain in a wide temperature range
For anchoring, 1 neat gal (3.8 L) yields 231 in³ (3,785 cm³) of epoxy. 1 gal (3.8 L) of neat DURAL FAST SET GEL epoxy mixed with 1 gal (3.8 L) of dry 20/40 mesh silica sand will yield approximately 368 in³ (6,030 cm³) of mortar.
Note: Coverage rates are approximate. Actual coverage depends on temperature, texture, and substrate porosity.