Cutting discs
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Cut-Off Wheel for Stainless Steel / SteelCut off Wheel for Steel
  • M-Calibur
  • Combinator Inox
  • Super Slicer
  • Slicer Plus
  • Longlife Original Slicer
  • Original Slicer

Cut-Off Wheel for Aluminum
Plus Cutting Aluminum
  • Plus Cutting Aluminum
  • Heavy duty specialty wheel for enhanced performance on aluminum

Cut-Off Wheel for StoneMasonry cutting
  • Silicon carbide general purpose wheel for stone, concrete, cast iron, ductile iron, masonry, etc.
  • Fast rate of cut
  • Good wheel life

Cut-Off Wheel for Cast MetalCast Metal cutting
  • Aluminum oxide and Silicon carbide combination wheel specially formulated for ductile iron.
  • Excellent rate of cut
  • Excellent wheel life
  • Smooth and chatter free cutting