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All Access Products’ Replaceable Cast in Place detectable warning tile products are designed to be ADA compliant, allowing persons of every ability to navigate your space safely. The wayfinding bar tiles help guide the public through your space, and the truncated dome installations act to alert the public when they reach the path’s end. Access® Tile’s Replaceable Cast in Place truncated dome tile is used worldwide for municipal pedestrian crossings and curbs, serving to warn the public when they reach an unsafe edge. Our truncated dome technology is especially useful for individuals with visual impairments as the raised domes can be felt comfortably through footwear. Every detectable warning paver is available in bright colors, such as federal yellow and brick red, allowing some persons with visual impairments to see the warning tiles. All of our ADA compliant tiles are designed with a unique sound reflection technology. This feature enables individuals who use guidance canes to navigate your space unaided; by tapping their cane, they can audibly hear the difference between a walkway and one of our ADA warning tiles.

Frequent applications of Access® Tile’s Replaceable Cast in Place Tiles include:

  • ADA Curb Ramps
  • Accessible Pedestrian Crossings
  • Vehicular Passage Ways
  • Parking Areas Made To Be ADA Compliant
  • Safe Escalator Approaches
  • Tops and Bottoms of Stair Landings
  • ADA standard Wheelchair Ramps
  • Accessible Transit Platforms
  • Multi-Modal Transit Stations”

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