Calcite Presoak
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Removes Calcite on Clay Brick (ONLY)

EaCo Chem’s Calcite Presoak is designed as a pre-soak to help with the removal of calcite on clay brick (USE ON CLAY BRICK ONLY). To be used in conjunction with NMD 80, this combination will ensure the complete removal of calcite.

First apply the EaCo Chem’s Calcite Presoak undiluted and allow it to dwell on the surface for approximately five minutes. Repeat this process without rinsing until little pin holes have opened up. Then apply NMD 80 diluted four parts water to one part solution (4:1) without rinsing off the Calcite Presoak; allow a five to ten minute dwell time. Rinse completely to get the desired results.

Calcite-Presoak in use