U.S. Tape is a Pennsburg, Pennsylvania company with a 140 year history of innovation in the manufacture of steel tape measures.  Founded by surveyor Justus Roe in 1876, U.S. Tape continues to serve the construction industry with high quality measuring devices. We are proud to feature such brands as: DuraWheel – professional grade measuring wheels; DuraMark – professional grade marking chalk and chalk lines, reels, and boxes; CenterPoint patented center finding measuring products; and Rhino fiberglass folding rulers.
We are very excited that we have acquired the STRINGLINER product line of masonry twine and line reels. Along with barricade tape and dispensers, masonry tapes and our many other products, we can offer a one-stop shopping experience for professionals in the masonry and construction industries.

AR Chambers carries DuraWheel products, Condor Magnetic Box Levels, ProTape and other products from U.S. Tape.